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psslonly   Pocket Solutions Software Ltd
71-73 Port Rd
Lower Hutt
New Zealand
Ph: +64 4 9206580

Pocket Solutions Software Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pocket Solutions Ltd which purchase FrameSmart Business Systems in 2014.

We have been developing software for over 20 years and our strength lies in our understanding and ability to provide a total solution where we have a stake in every part of the project. We offer design, development, integration and training, hardware supply and deployment, and ongoing services and support. Few, if any companies in this sector can rival our ability to offer a true “one stop shop” to customers.

We employ a team of experienced programmers and engineers, all with extensive knowledge of automated data capture technologies and mobile computing systems. Beyond our programming and system integration experience, Pocket Solutions Limited also provides custom engineering services, help desk, and hardware repair..

In 2014 it was still effectively a DOS based system running under a Windows GUI. Shortly after the purchase we embarked on a complete re-write of the system. We were very careful not to change the basic methodology of use which a lot of framers had input to over the years of prior development. We modernised the interface and added a lot of features that the users had been wanting for some time, but the code base did not allow for.

Now FrameSmart is a modern professional business package based on an industry standard SQL database. 

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Salesoft Pty Ltd
P O Box 128
Cotton Tree
Queensland 4558
Ph: +61 7 5313 3072

 Salesoft started in 2001 providing marketing and software development to Toyota Industries. It is a wholly owned Australian business that provides custom database, quotation and sales management software services. We provide customised tools that improve delivery of sales functions improving sales people efficiencies. We supply organisations across Australia and are committed to providing high-quality, responsive systems that are tailored to our customers' specific requirements. Our approach emphasis's intelligent software development driven by marketing expertise.

Selling any product is not easy but it doesn't have to be hard. Our systems make it easier to sell your products. Our directors have been through the same selling process many organisations face every day. These tools have been developed, changed and revised to work in their own businesses. Now we bring this same innovation to the market and we continue to work and harness the latest technology so you can improve your sales performance. 

In becoming the distributor in Australia for the FrameSmart Business Solutions software products we are extending our approach and philosophy into the picture framing industry.   We aim to provide the same quality of product and service to Australian customers of FrameSmart as that
enjoyed by NZ customers for the past 10 years.