Problem Reporting Process

Problem reporting process

User requests by telephone for HELP from FrameSmart Software Support can reach unsustainable levels. 
If the requests and questions were about FrameSmart itself then we would not have an issue, however 95% of the calls are about problems with Windows operating systems, or PC set-ups, firewall/security messages, or printer problems, which are not the domain of FrameSmart software.

As a result we spend a great deal of time on questions and enquiries on unrelated matters, where the time could be better spent on more productive work and genuine requests for help with FrameSmart issues. 

In order to make the system work more effectively for our customers we need to encourage users to follow a process of elimination before calling our support team:
1.  Determine first if the problem is with the use of FrameSmart products, or some other cause in the operating environment.
2.  If the problem is not with FrameSmart then please contact your PC or systems administrator/supplier.
3.  If the problem still appears to be with FrameSmart then consult the User Manual first (not the last resort!). 
     Answers to 90% of common FrameSmart operating questions can be found in this manual. 
      A copy is provided with each installation, and kept up-to-date with software upgrades.  We recommend you print it out and keep it handy.

4.  If the answer is not in the manual, then proceed to the next step - Problem Definition.

Note - a new FrameSmart User Manual v5.2 is available from the Downloads area for our current registered & supported customers.

Problem definition
If the problem needs urgent* attention call us on one of the contact numbers shown in Contact Us – either NZ or Australian helpline depending on your location.
*Urgent is defined as “system down and unable to continue working”.
See categories for Critical and Serious problems defined in the Service Level Agreement (SLA).
If the problem does not require urgent attention, i.e. Moderate or Minor categories in the SLA, then please send us an email with details of the problem, to either of the addresses shown in Contact Us – either NZ or Australia depending on your location.
Alternatively you can lodge a help request through the Help Desk page on this website.

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