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Introducing FrameSmart v6 Point of Sale software

Accelerate your business with the smartest software for framers.  

Manage your process from customer enquiry to final delivery - simple, quick, thorough and reliable.


FrameSmart®Point of Sale (POS) software is arguably the best picture framing software currently available in Australasia, and one of the easiest to implement and use. For over 20 years it has been the product of choice by professional framers in both Australia and New Zealand.


Sample pricing screen – completely customisable:


The FrameSmart difference

  • The all new FrameSmartv6 POS (Point of Sale) uses a secure SQL database for robust operations, and storage & retrieval of complete customer details, financial transactions and detailed work history.

  • Regular software upgrades with new features requested by our users.

  • Created and supported by picture framers who understand picture framing, and how to operate a framing business.

  • Uses touch-screen and barcode technology where available.

FrameSmart features


  • Simple pricing, quoting, sales order and invoicing processes.

  • Itemised price breakdowns, with option of showing/hiding costs.

  • Add, edit or delete pricing buttons on the screen, move to any position.

  • Search suppliers’ own price lists in moulding and matboard databases for up-to-date prices.

  • Add discounts and take deposits and payments as required.

  • Adjust global mark-up setting to raise or lower prices by a percentage amount, e.g. annual CPI pricing adjustment.

  • Automatic price list updates from suppliers.

  • Creates detailed worksheets, cutting lists and financial reports.

  • Stores customer history, account history and work history for ever – retrieves past jobs for component and pricing details. Able to re-price current or past jobs.

  • Schedule jobs by due date, with overdue work highlighted. Change due dates as necessary.

  • Customise the printed forms design, colours and add your own logo.

             Sample worksheet:                                                                        Sample invoice:




Price anything

  • FrameSmart has the most advanced, yet simple to use pricing set-up.

  • Allows you to easily price any framing job, including fillets in mats, multiple opening mats, floated mats, box framing, multiple stacked frames; and allows for reveals, framefillets, reverse bevels, v-grooves, wash lines and any other possible framing combination.

  • Allows up to 10 stacked frames and ten layers of mats (not that you would need that many).

  • Creates invoices or sales orders straight from the pricing screen, plus added items for prints, ready-made frames and other stock or gallery items.

Save time


  • Doesn’t require you to make phone calls to suppliers chasing up material price lists – the software updates price lists automatically on demand.

  • Doesn’t require import wizards for price lists or messing about with saving price list attachments from emails.

  • Advises customers of completed work by SMS and/or email (optional).

  • Uses barcoding technology to quickly enter moulding and mat codes, or product codes for art supplies and other stock items for sale on the same invoice as framing work (optional).

  • Also uses barcoding for managing jobs through the workshop (optional).

Job schedule – dynamic Work in progress (WIP) and job completion:

Supported by suppliers

  • Supported by more than 30 suppliers of framing materials from Australia and New Zealand with automatic, up-to-date material prices.

  • Provides the means to order supplies of moulding, matboards and consumables directly from each supplier (on-line).

  • Keeps price lists for discontinued mouldings and mats, so you can price framing jobs using materials that you still have in stock.

  • Moulding and matboard images from all suppliers that show in the pricing software for visualchecking (and used by our VisualiseIt®design product too).  Updates supplier images for products automatically when available.  

  Frame & Mat search screens provide visualisation of finished product:



  • Can connect to any number of outlets, and remote access via VPN.

  • Can be networked to multiple workstations.

User Support


  • Enables backups to separate hard-drive location, external media or off-site (cloud) servers.

  • Doesn’t lock or lose all of your data if you stop using FrameSmart - you own your own data.

  • Dedicated, helpful support staff in NZ, Australia and UK.

  • Web based help desk, user support and web forum.

  • Detailed user manual.

  • Company committed to good business practice and ethics.


New pricing:


To coincide with the new release our price list has been updated.

Please call our Help Desk numbers for further details:
NZ Help Desk - 0800 622 583
Aus. Help Desk - 07 5313 3072



(Registered users only) Click here to see a breakdown demo of FrameSmart POS - How it Works



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