Upgrades & Releases

Upgrades & Releases

FrameSmart and associated software products are constantly under development for further enhancements to functionality, and correction of minor bugs and problems.

The following is a list of version releases since February 2005.

If your copy of FrameSmart is an earlier version than v5.3, then we recommend you upgrade to the latest version as soon as possible - it is extremely difficult for us to support your installation if you are running an older version of the software.

See Section 11 of the FrameSmartv5.2 User Manual for Upgrade instructions.

Version          Release date                  Release type

v4.0              February 2005                   Enhancement upgrade

v4.1               August 2006                     Enhancement upgrade

v5.0             January 2007                     Enhancement upgrade

v5.1             August 2007                      Enhancement upgrade

v5.2             May 2009                          Enhancement upgrade

v5.2.1           July 2009                          Maintenance

v5.2.2           November 2009                 Maintenance

v5.2.3           December 2009                Maintenance

v5.2.4          July 2011                          Maintenance

v5.2.5          August 2011                      Maintenance

v5.2.6          August 2011                      Maintenance

v5.2.7         September 2011                Maintenance

v5.2.8         October 2011                    Maintenance

v5.2.9         February 2012                  Enhancements

v5.3             February 2014                  Enhancements - preparation for v6.0


v6.0            June 2014                         FrameSmartv6 - the new product is released

v6.0.5         September 2014               Maintenance release

v6.0.6         October 2014                    Maintenance release - SMS messaging, logos, mat reveal, GST added display

v6.0.7         October 2014                    Maintenance release - Sales & Financial reports adjustments, change storage location,                                                                                                 preserve discounts on quotes and invoices.
v6.1            May 2015                         Major enhancement release to enable changes to be made to current jobs, invoices, quotes, etc.; plus                                                                        deleting items as required.
v6.2            October 2015                    Further enhancements  designed to make it easier to find individual jobs, invoices, sales orders, quotes,                                                                        etc.; plus clarify button names; enhance reporting details; provide warnings for various exception                                                                                conditions; and stream-line the process for all future upgrades.  

Downloads of the latest User Manuals are available to registered users in the "Download" area of this website.

Also available for download are copies of the Release Notes for versions v6.0, v6.0.5,, v6.0.6, v6.0.7, v6.1 and v6.2 which detail the enhancements and changes included in each of these releases of the software.

The latest FrameSmart® User Manual v6.2 has been updated for the new product, and includes all enhancements and modifications to date.

September 2014

Barcoding technology for FrameSmartv6 and FLO users - details of equipment (including labels) and prices now available in the Member's Downloads area: Support Documents/General.


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